KE149 Firebird




May 27, 2011


Acrylic on Canvas






This design is healing art for healers and was created to help those who are helping people better themselves in this world. Often when we try to help others, we (like it or not, try or not) take on some of their burdens as well. My hope in this painting is that the energy from the firebird will purify those burdens, the negativity and darkness that we happen to take on as we continue to do our best to help, heal and guide others seeking assistance in getting through life in a positive way!

Being a healer can be fulfilling when you see people change for the better after coming to you. However, it is not always an easy task. Many people want to be helped, but don’t have the courage or strength to change themselves. Others that come to you with issues to be resolved that  stem from dark, heavy energy. If we aren’t careful when offering our help, we can get sucked into that negative energy and it can have a lasting affect on us as well.

To prevent this, we need to purify and cleanse our soul, mind and aura energy before and after helping others. This protects both sides. The healer doesn’t receive the negative energy of the requester. And the requester in-turn does not receive any energy directly from the healer. Healing energy comes from God, nature, the universe, not from the person helping you. We are only middlemen providing a pathway for God and angels to do their work for you.

The firebird comes in to purify the darkness and negativity in and around you, as well as protect from evil spirits and demons that would try to harm you.

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This came straight from a dream. I rose up into the sky and saw hundreds of firebirds actually painted in the sky!


Healers, teachers, and practitioners who feel the burden of those they are helping should have this spiritual healing art to protect themselves as they continue to assist others.


The firebirds (figuratively) come from the magma of the earth, so having these two designs as a pair make them even more powerful.

Firebird in Japanese is “Hi no tori” (火の鳥)

Music Composition:

Composed: May 24, 2011

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