KE103 Magma




June 24, 2007


Acrylic on Paper






This design was created as an offering of an apology to Mother Earth from all humankind. We humans have corrupted and destroyed this planet since the beginning of our existence and therefore we humans must offer our deepest apologies for doing so, from the bottom of our hearts. In doing so, and only by doing so, we can create a path of energy to the center of the Earth’s magma to help this planet strengthen up again. We took her energy away and now it is time to give it back.

I created this music and painting with these feelings in mind, as well as the understanding of what we have done. And I prayed with sincere regret for how we have treated our planet. On top of that, I add appreciation for what Mother Earth has given and continues to give us throughout our stay here.

I pray that we humans will find a way to give up harming this planet for our own greed and desires. And I have hope that we will soon see that everything we need to survive has already been provided to us by our Mother Earth, and must pay respects.

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Many dreams of, as well as increasing knowledge of, how we are destroying our own planet brought about this painting. Two major inspirations at the time were Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”(affiliate link) and the “Fire the Grid” project.


You have and want to show appreciation for Mother Earth, and want to stop human-made Global Warming and destruction of the environment.


Since magma is fire and coming from the center of the earth, this spiritual art can be used to help purify the soul. I recommend combining it with Fire God, Firebird, Sword of Light and Our Sun.

Music Composition:

Composed: June, 2007

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