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Who We Are



December 24, 2005


Marker on Paper





Who We Are

(How we came to be what we are, and what we are here to do.)
The lyrics to this song (perhaps more like a chant) are “Keep us who we are, we all learn from our mistakes.” I heard this musical phrase being sung in a dream. The basic purpose of this is to help us organize our life and put things in order in our mind and soul.

I could write a whole book on the deep meaning of this picture, and I actually hope to do that someday, combined with how the meaning intertwines with other designs I’ve painted. There are a few main points that make us “Who we are,” and I’ll touch on those here. While the last point would require some belief in reincarnation or rebirth, which some readers may not agree with, the first two points should be clear for most people.

1. Our experience in this lifetime.

Our task is to take responsibility for each and every one of our actions. Until we do so, we cannot move on.
Everything that we have done in this lifetime has come to create our current personality, characteristics and lifestyle. A lot of it is done by our own will, some of it is not. But our reactions to everything we have encountered helped make us what we are right now. This includes all the people we’ve interacted with up till now as well. That is our “past” in this lifetime.

What comes next is right now. What we do right now must reflect that which we have learned from the experiences I listed above. If we can take in and understand all that we’ve been through as “training,” we can learn from our successes and our mistakes as well. If we learn from deep within our heart and show it in our daily actions (I know, easier said than done), that can essentially account for the training we are here on Earth to do.

Having cleared our past, learned from our mistakes (while appreciating each one) and *not having regrets or holding any grudges, we’ve created a path for a fresh, clear future for ourselves. I believe this is the ultimate step in completing our training in life. Of course to reach completion though, we will have to repeat this step many times in this life.

Not having regrets does not mean not feeling sorrow for our negative actions.

Rather, It means not dwelling on regrets, since dwelling would cause us to remain negative.
We need to feel sorrow for our negative actions in order to discontinue repeating them.

That explains how we should take responsibility for our actions in this life, and how it can help us clear our mind and soul to make for a clear future. But I believe there is more to it than just this.

2. Our ancestry.

We would not be here if it were not for our ancestors. There is no way to get around that fact. On the same token, we would not have the same environment we have now if it were not for the actions of our ancestors. As a result, we must take responsibility for their actions as well as our own!

Part of our “training program” as humans is to be born from other humans and carry their bloodline into the future. If our ancestors all successfully completed step one above, we would live in a perfect world without hate, fear, jealousy, or wrong doing. Obviously now, that is not the society we live in. Being born of our parents (and they of their parents) means that we take on in our life what they experienced in their lives. All the good, and all the bad. We should learn from the good that they created and do our best to learn from and correct that bad (or negative) that they have done as well. Most importantly is to undo the bad, as we can create new Good ourselves, and at the same time, understand why it was important to change. We can see the results of that change in front of us.

If we don’t learn from our ancestors, we pass those same issues on to our descendants. And again, if we don’t complete step one above for ourselves, we leave behind those problems for our children to solve in our place. Our task is incomplete.

3. Our past lives.

That which we have done in our past lives is remembered by our soul. As a matter of fact, that is what our soul is made up of. We are the total of all the experiences we’ve ever had in all our past lives and this life combined. Therefore, this lifetime is simply a continuation of the training that we couldn’t complete in the past.

Our human mind may not be strong enough to remember the details of our past lives, but our soul does. Before we come back into another body to be reborn, we know the mistakes that we haven’t yet learned from. The purpose of coming back (reincarnation) is to try again!

We instinctively know what we like and dislike, and many of these things have a direct relation to the memories in our soul. Some may be for good reasons, some may be for negative reasons. For example, sometimes you meet a person in this life and immediately not like them, it could be that you were enemies or had bad relations with them in a past life. At the same time, it does not mean that’s the way it should be from here on out. We should consider every action and reaction that we take and think about whether it is best for our future (completely clearing the past) or if we are simply making a quick reaction to defuse the current situation – in which case it will likely show up again, until it is resolved.

If you think about the family trees of everyone born on this same planet, we must all eventually be connected somewhere in the past. And since we are reborn on the same planet in a later point in time, the possibility actually exists that we could be reborn in our own family line! You might have been of the same blood in a previous life.

Therefore, since we are all connected somehow, we must all take responsibility for not only our own mistakes, but for those mistakes we made in our past lives, and those that our ancestors made as well. It is the way of our training. It’s definitely not an easy task to take on, but without taking it on, we only make it more difficult for ourselves (and our descendants) in the next life.


We are all here because there is something that we didn’t complete in our previous lives. It could be as deep as having held a strong grudge and not being able to let go. It could be as simple as having your life cut short, dying before your mission was complete.

The moral of this design is to take responsibility for your actions, learn from mistakes, clear the past and move on to the future! I believe that doing so with a pure heart is what will allow us to move on to the light, and not have to be reincarnated and go through that training again.

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The music in this picture came straight out of a dream. Long discussions with good friends brought about the deep meanings behind it.


Everyone needs “Who We Are”. It’s about Life Training, finding -or rather, understanding from within – the Meaning of Life. If you are wondering why you are in a particular situation, want to becoming future oriented and positive, and learn to be more caring for others and the environment, this is for you. Or this may be for someone you know that what I’ve written on this page describes.


“Who We Are” tells about how we got to the present. #146, “For the Kids” tells about how we should live now to create a better future for ourselves and future generations.

Music Composition:

Composed: March 29, 2005

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