KE012 Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel



June 29,2015


Marker on Paper





Guardian Angel

“Guardian Angel is the second picture in the series of three. First is “Angels”, where they are lining up around the Earth, waiting to be called down to start working. In this picture, the First Angel has been called and is going down to Earth to begin its task of guiding someone in their life training.

For guidance when you are lost, or not sure which direction to take, ask your guardian angel. The more you talk to your Guardian Angel, the more it can help you and the easier it becomes for you to realize when it is guiding you in a certain direction. The orange music notes are Guardian Angels on their path to Earth. The yellow dots around the Earth in the picture are the Angels in line ready for descent. As you may notice toward the top, the first Angel has come down and reached Earth, helping someone right now.

More are on their way, all they need is your call! This is one of three designs for Angel Doors. It is also the second in a succession of three designs like a story: 1. Angel Doors 2. Guardian Angel 3. Angels at Work

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After creating the Angels’ Doors of Opportunity, I knew that the Angels had to have a path down to Earth once called upon. I woke up in the middle of the night and this image came to me, so I got up and put on paper right away.


You feel lost and are looking for guidance and direction in your everyday life. This brings your guardian angel to you to show you your way. And return you to your path when you veer off, as we all do.


This the second in a succession of three designs. They are arranged like a story:

1. Angel Doors 2. Guardian Angel 3. Angels at Work


Music Composition:

Composed: June 18, 2005

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