KE038 iSHine!




March 3, 2006


Marker on Paper






This design is a reminder to the self to cleanse your soul, and not let outside occurrences affect your way of life.

Life training is learning to Love and Appreciate all that happens to you and around you. If you can accept it, this will make you stronger inside. This is a reminder to rid yourself of all Earthly thoughts and emotions so your true capabilities can shine through for you. Your mind cannot focus when cluttered with unnecessary emotions and interruptions! Without focus, you lose track of the meaning of life.

We are in training here to learn the difference between good and bad, love and hate, light and darkness. Do not be greedy, do not hold grudges. Learn from your experiences and mistakes rather than regretting having had to go through them. Ask forgiveness for the sins you have committed in the past (be them big or small) and ask your guardian angel for guidance to purity and light. Let your soul shine bright and not be covered in darkness!

Once you learn to shine inside, you will begin to glow outside, and people will naturally notice the difference! Use this to remind you daily of all the things that bother you, but never really should!

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I inspired myself with my own desire to rid myself of greed and feelings of anger / grudges toward others. I think we need to think with a pure heart to keep our souls bright and free of darkness.


If you want to rid yourself of darkness, greed and temptation, this is what you need.

For those who just can’t let go of a grudge (ill feelings toward someone), this can help you control your feelings and become more pure in thought.


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Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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