KE154 Fifty Fifty




©March 29,2015


Acrylic on Canvas






“50/50 Safe and protected, all the way through.” – This is what I heard a woman tell me in my dream as I saw a dandelion break apart and float away. I knew the meaning of this dream and the picture I would have to paint. This painting is the counterpart to #152 “Connections”. It’s not easy to explain without getting deep, especially in English. So I will save the deep conversation for a blog and just touch on the meaning here.

There is a word in Japanese called “en” (縁)and the translation I see most often is “fate” or “linked by fate”. While this is correct, it can also be described as: relations, links, connections, destiny, meant to be, match made in heaven You could also say the Universe conspires in your favor to make something happen. The point of this healing art is to “un-link” you to that which you no longer have a symbiotic connection to. Fate may bring you together with someone, or something, and fate can also relieve that bond when the time comes.

Just as it is important to know opportunity when it knocks on your door, we should also realize when it is time to set it free. When it is time to move on, think positive and create your new future. Your next “connections,” “relations,” and “fate” await you!

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Directly from a dream and the counterpart to “Connections” (#152)



Feel like something has to change in your life and you are looking for something more positive. Break away from something or someone to create a positive future.




This is the first design that doesn’t have a specific melody in it. Only the chords C and G. Although I had a basic melody in mind, it kept changing as I went to write it down. I got the feeling that, since you don’t know where fate will take you, it is best to leave your mind open for what will appear. I decided to do the same with the music here.

Music Composition:

Composed: March 29, 2015 (However, the music is unused.)

Since I compose the music myself, sometimes the music comes first, sometimes the image comes first. I thought it would be fun to let you know when the music was created.

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