KE152 Connections




June 10, 2013


Acrylic on Canvas






The energy in this design brings you together with someone or something that can help you in life. It creates or strengthens good connections between you and others to help you on the right path. The bond that is produced here lasts as long as it is mutually beneficial and positive. This may be for a lifetime, and it may be just for a brief moment.

“Connections” creates a bond to get you on the right path.

For example, you may need to meet a particular person or a person with a specific skillset or set of contacts in order to accomplish a task that is imperative to achieve a significant goal at this moment in your life. This painting calls upon the will of the universe to make that meeting happen.

Mix and Match Paintings for Best Results

This is a good design to mix with other designs for situations such as finding a partner in marriage, finding a good doctor, bettering relations with family, friends, co-workers etc. Fate, destiny, karma are all ways of making the right people appear in the right place at the right time in order for the best outcome to emerge.

Healing Art and Spiritual Art

Essentially, all of my artwork is based on this principle. It brings you that which you need to move forward in a particular situation.

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Inspiration for this painting came from several recurring dreams.


If you are looking for good connections to create or strengthen an opportunity, this is a good design for you.


This painting stems from a concept called “en” (縁)in Japanese. It is very difficult to explain in a single word or phrase. Most translations or explanations refer to it as any of the following:

  • linked by fate
  • matchmaker; a match made in heaven
  • a bond between people, or between people and things
  • closely connected; form a connection
  • emotional ties to someone or something
  • inseparable from each other

Sometimes it can be described calling it “luck” but with a deeper meaning.  As in someone who is very often lucky, but it’s too often to call pure coincidences.

I think one of the reasons it is hard to pinpoint how to say this in English is because of how deep it is tied into the culture.

Music Composition:

Composed: June 7, 2013

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