KE012 Guardian Angel

Ave Maria Rainbow



June 15, 2005


Marker on Paper





Ave Maria Rainbow

This is the Rainbow version of my Ave Maria design I made on guitar. The music notes when connected together actually spell out Ave Maria! This picture brings your happiness and celebration and is great for weddings, birthdays, new births etc. See what amazing miracles Ave Maria can bring out for you!

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This version of “Ave Maria” came to me in a dream. I woke up and drew the rainbow-like pattern that I saw in the background for a sense of celebration!


For those inspiring for something wonderful to come into their life, such as marriage, love and children. Bring new celebration your way with this art.


The following designs have the same music: 006 Ave Maria (original), 007 Ave Maria (sermon), 009 Ave Maria (rainbow), 013 Ave Maria (red), 092 Ave Maria (heart).

While all the art in my paintings have music blended into the design itself, this series is the only one that the music notes connect together to form words.


Music Composition:

Composed: May 14, 2005

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