KE129 Bright Future

Bright Future



September 16, 2008


Acrylic on Paper





Bright Future

This design was created for new babies being born, to give them hope for a bright and pure life. Each person will grow through many physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in life. My hope in this painting is to give them the physical health energy they need, and the spiritual support (via God and angels) to help get them through the toughest times. And to keep them motivated to stay pure and do the right thing no matter what situation life brings them.

A strong support system is important for this upcoming baby to make it through all the learning stages of life. It has already begun with their parents and ancestors, and they will meet and interact with many others. Family and friends will teach the social skills required to get through modern day activities. And every experience will make them stronger and fuller.

This support system may be lot of people – it may be a select few – but they can provide the emotional support the child will need throughout the years.  And as the child grows and becomes and adult of their own, they will learn to help provide a bright future for those around them as well.

As this way being there for eachother spreads throughout the world, the future of mankind may have a better chance of being the benevolent, caring and loving people that our souls want us to be.

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I painted this for a friend who was having a baby. Early in the pregnancy there were some issues and questions about the baby’s health. I created this to bring energy to the baby in the womb and give him (or her) a bright future, with a chance at a healthy and safe life to come.


This is the perfect gift for a new born baby, or even on their first birthday.


I highly recommend checking out “For the Kids” to go along with this painting.

Music Composition:

Composed: September 16, 2008

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