KE146 For The Children

For The Children



October 16, 2010


Acrylic on Paper





For the Kids

For the Kids (originally titled “For the Children”) is a compilation of eight designs (138 – 145). Each painting has its own individual meaning of how to get through life, strengthening and brightening your soul. “Help the Children have Fun!” is what I wanted to communicate through these designs. We get so caught up in daily life and the responsibilities that we have to take on when we become adults that we ourselves forget to have good old fashioned fun.

We must get this back, and we need to step back and let our kids enjoy life the way it was meant to be! So guide your children in a way that lets them enjoy life. This doesn’t mean to set them free and wild, but let them play, absorb their surroundings as they watch and listen to society and nature. Then watch them as they grow into great men and women! You never know, these kids could teach us adults a thing or two about enjoying life too!

My hope is that this set of paintings falls in the hands of every young boy or girl so they can get the inspiration and courage to get the very best out of every single thing in life. If that were to happen, I truly believe that our future as the human race would be much better off.

This all came from a dream and the instructions were very clear on what I had to do. I was shown the patterns to paint as well as told the colors and the meanings for each specific design. I also knew that this would have to be made into a book someday.

As of the time of this writing, the book is yet to be completed and published, but it is in the works. Yes, even after all the paintings I have created offering healing, guidance and inspiration to the world, I too am just a human being subject to daily life. However, I will accomplish this task and when I do, I’ll be sure to offer it on this website.

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I was woken up at 3am on this day by a dream and shown the design layout. The messages of how to paint these and their individual meanings continued to flow after I awoke, so I decided to get up and paint them all while the info was fresh!


Everyone needs this painting set! These are some of the goals:

  • To be like a child again
  • To learn from nature and God
  • To grow as a person and as a soul
  • To enjoy life the way it was intended




This is a compilation of 8 designs, each originally painted on postcard sized paper.

Music Composition:

Composed: October 16, 2010

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