KE142 Play




October 16, 2010


Acrylic on Paper






“Let the children have good old fashioned fun!”


This design was created to remind us to PLAY!! We have to remember to let the children have good old fashioned fun! The best way to do it is to be a good role model for them. As we become adults, we gain more responsibilities, but we forget our most important one. to enjoy life and ensure that we encourage others (especially kids) to do the same. Play, enjoy, don’t be afraid to mistakes! That’s how we grow. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

For parents, it is often all too easy to get caught up in providing a secure household and future for our kids. We are so busy making sure they’ll have a promising future that we forget to make sure they enjoy their youth. (Sound familiar?) While it is certainly important to make sure that your children have food on the table and a school to attend, good old fashioned play time can be the best experience a child can have. It teaches everything you need to know about life. In fact, Robert Fulghum even wrote a great book about it called “Everything I Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

(5th of 8 in design #146 For the Kids)

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I was woken up at 3am on this day by a dream and shown the design layout. The messages of how to paint these and their individual meanings continued to flow after I awoke, so I decided to get up and paint them all while the info was fresh!


This spiritual art for people who are lacking fulfillment in their life, or for anyone raising or works around kids of any age (yep, even the adult ones!)


This is the fifth of a set of eight pictures in design #146, “For the Kids“.

Music Composition:

Composed: October 16, 2010

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