KE077 Doing My Thing

Doing My Thing



September 04, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Doing My Thing

This is for people who are creative, but work at their own pace (I call it the “Nutty Professor Syndrome”). This will help them build their creativity and help people understand their character.

Often times, people who are looked at as “unique” are people who are so different and creative inside that they are the ones who hold the power to change our future. When put to best use, they can change it for the better. The idea in this picture is to bring the creativity from inside these people and let them move at their own pace, even though the people around them may not understand the things they do.

In addition, I hope we can realize when we are standing next to one of these people and not only encourage them, but be patient ourselves, and know in our hearts that people who can affect change often don’t relate to the “common rules of society.” This doesn’t mean they are bad people, it just means they likely won’t be doing what you expect them to do. For that exact reason, we can expect wonderful, amazing things to come from them.

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This music came to me in a dream in November of 2004. There was actually a woman singing in Italian or Latin along with the music, but when I woke up I had to choose which to write down (before I forgot), the music, or words that I couldn’t understand!


You have amazing abilities and you want to help people but sometimes they don’t understand you. You are the Nutty Professor or you have a nutty professor in your home and find it hard to understand why they can’t be normal!


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Music Composition:

Composed: November, 2004

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