KE143 Try




October 16, 2010


Acrylic on Paper






This design was created to remind us to try out all sorts of new experiences in life (good and / or bad) so that we may grow our souls spiritually and live a meaningful life. If we don’t try, we can’t learn. We have to try things out and learn from what our ancestors have tried – then learn from their mistakes and fortunes as well as grow from those of our own.

Follow Your Instinct and Try New Things

The energy in this design is intended to guide us along as we try new things. We are being guided in the right direction before we even get started. How we go about our experiences is generally up to us, though we are never alone. And once the experience is complete, our angels teach us how to use what we’ve learned. This process ensures that we can learn and move forward. The catch is that we have to actually follow our instinct, our hunches. The feeling that we are getting is the messages our guides are supplying to us. Just because we are guided through life, doesn’t guarantee success. Not following the path laid out for us is a surefire way to miss the mark. But that’s ok, it’s just another way to learn (though not the recommended way). We have to get up and try again.

Everything we do every day, every sound we hear, vision we see, every person we interact with and every breath we take in has an affect and impact on our soul and our future (as well as on the souls around us.) Try, try and try again!

(6th of 8 in design #146 “For the Kids“)

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I was woken up at 3am on this day by a dream and shown the design layout. The messages of how to paint these and their individual meanings continued to flow after I awoke, so I decided to get up and paint them all while the info was fresh!


This spiritual art to encourage people to try new things and do something new.


This is the sixth of a set of eight pictures in design #146, “For the Kids“.

Music Composition:

Composed: October 16, 2010

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