KE138 Gods and Angels' Voice

Gods And Angels Voice



October 16, 2010


Acrylic on Paper





God’s and Angels’ Voice

This design was created to remind us that God and Angels are constantly giving us their messages, and we need to open our eyes, ears and hearts and accept their message in our souls. (1 of 8 in design #146 For the Kids)

When we are born, we naturally are aware of everything around us even though we may not understand in detail. As we grow and are raised by our parents and the people around us, we are essential conditioned to think and believe in the ways of those who brought us up. For many, this means that we forget how to realize when God or angels are showing us direct signs and messages to guide us in the right direction.

I don’t think that the signs stop coming, but we stop looking and we stop seeing. Then during certain times in our life, we get stronger messages placed in front of us. New opportunities and chances come about, but we get stuck in our life patterns and even if we recognize it when we see them, we still may not follow the signs.

This design is part of “For the Kids” because I hope that kids can get these messages while they are young and continue to stay pure throughout their life. This is the way to create a better future for humankind.

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I was woken up at 3am on this day by a dream and shown the design layout. The messages of how to paint these and their individual meanings continued to flow after I awoke, so I decided to get up and paint them all while the info was fresh!


This spiritual art for people who are seeking or in need of guidance in their life.


This is the first of a set of eight pictures in design #146, “For the Kids“.

Music Composition:

Composed: October 16, 2010

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