KE084 Workplace Personalities

Workplace Personalities



October, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Workplace Personalities

This is “Workplace Personalities.” Anywhere you go, you’ll meet people with different personalities. When you work with different people, opinions often clash, causing problems for fellow employees and the employer.

This design is meant to bring harmony to the workplace, by helping people realize and understand each others’ personalities.

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This came to me in several dreams, but I didn’t actually create the design until requested by several people around the same period of time. Timing often seems to be key when I’m deciding which picture to create next!


At work, problems with people on the job, not getting along, personality conflicts, and not being able to finish projects due to clashes with co-workers and other staff – these can all be the side effects of working people with different personalities.  Every company, especially larger ones, will hire people to fulfill a variety of job requirements. Therefore it is inevitable that not everyone will get along easily. This is natural and the best way to deal with it is to make the best of each person’s qualities. That’s what this painting is for.


When dealing with other people, we often have no idea what their history is or what they’ve been through in life. For this reason, I also recommend #26, “Who We Are“.

Music Composition:

Composed: 2006

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