KE098 Clear The Past

Clear The Past



February 11, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





Clear the Past

Our souls remember each of our past lives and experiences though our brains don’t recall them while we are conscious. In this lifetime, we when we see another person, our soul may remember knowing the other person’s past life. If the two people didn’t get along in the past, it could cause unknown problems when they interact in this lifetime. This design is meant to help clear past issues for people’s souls.

The problems that can arise from meeting souls from the past can vary from just not getting a good feeling about someone you pass on the street to having trouble at work or school, or even in the family. When groups of people get together who were also in particular groups in the past, the results in the lifetime could be catastrophic, causing major problems like local disputes or even wars.

We are here to train our souls and understand true love and appreciation.

I believe that we are here, alive as human beings, to train our souls to understand true love and appreciation under any circumstances. Until we have learned how to do that, we must be reborn unto this Earth to train again and keep growing the soul. While we don’t consciously recall our past, our soul remembers and that’s one of the things that gives us our “inspiration” (be it positive or negative) in life. We need to learn from the past and then move on toward the future. Until we put the past behind us, we cannot continue our training. Use this design to assist in your soul training and clear past issues with those you encounter in daily life!

This design has a guitar rhythm with it and the chord symbols in the picture represent parts of a city, such as buildings and fields. The music notes represent people and souls inhabiting the city. The power in the music and art brings the people together and helps clear the problems of the past at the “soul” level.

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I wrote this music after discussions with friends about the soul, past lives and the affects that our souls have on each other after we are reborn. One of the topics was how wars, civil wars and local disputes get started.


If you are not getting along with others but can’t explain why, you may be having past life issues in the present day.


This music was composed on guitar.

Music Composition:

Composed: February, 2007

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