KE106 Transcending Dimensions

Transcending Dimensions



August 18, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





Transcending Dimensions

When our souls came to this Earth, we came without human thoughts or emotions, and we knew the laws of the universe.

After arriving here and being born, we forget that which we knew as a free spirit and must learn it all again from the beginning. The hard part is that we are now subjected to humanly thoughts, actions and emotions and that makes it difficult for us to remember what our souls know to be the true and correct way to go about life.

Our training here on Earth is to remember what we knew before we got here, and live our lives according to that knowledge. Once we can act in that way, our training can be completed and we can return to the light from which we came! This design teaches us how to transcend dimensions between humanity and spirituality so we can complete our training in purity.

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This was inspired by my own goal of bettering my soul, thinking better thoughts, ridding myself of grudges and negative thinking.


This helps us train in purifying thoughts and emotions and relieving the need for excess in life. When you need to get away from the stresses of life and clear your mind, you transcend dimensions – maybe like meditation. And in the light of the universe, safe from the darkness and greed of the demons surrounding mankind, you can bathe in purity and cleanse your soul.


I heard this music in a dream and really enjoyed composing it. There are two violin parts, a cello part and a piano part. This is one of my favorite compositions. This is my only song (as of the this writing) that has been performed in public. It was arranged by Shoko Nitta, a friend of mine, for the More Quartet.

Music Composition:

Composed: July 18, 2007

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