KE029 Break the Spell

Break the Spell



January 9, 2006


Marker on Paper





Break the Spell

This design represents a long history wrong and mistaken prayers, which become spells.

A spell is a negative energy connection between two or more souls. These are often created inadvertently by people praying for something to happen to another person or group. Grudges commonly lead to spells being formed.

Strong thought can be considered a prayer. All of our thoughts are recorded in space and remain there permanently in time. The spell that is created brings down both the person who made it and the person (or people) for whom it was intended for. Ideally, we would realize this before we die and somehow make amends, offer/ask forgiveness, or change our ways of thinking, to be more oriented toward unconditional love. But the result is usually that we take it to our grave, which means we carry it to the Spirit World, and neither side can move on to the light until that connection is cleared.

To break a spell, we need Love,  our Apology and Sunshine (Light). This picture brings that out throught the rainbow and music. The image depicts a Puppet Master and it’s Puppet. The strings are being cut by the light of the music and both sides are free from the spell that bound them together.

To understand this in greater detail, I highly recommend reading #41, “Right Prayer“.

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This design came from dreams of souls coming to me, wishing to be freed of their spells. It also came from deep discussions of the meanings of prayers and how we think toward each other.


This design can be helpful to anyone holding a grudge, or is holding a grudge against you, or has a history of negative thoughts or prayers toward others. The more obvious is someone who deliberately casts spells on others. None of these can lead to anything good in life, it will only bring you and the other down in this life, and carry on into the spirit world, and the next life, if you don’t break the spell now.


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Composed: January 5, 2006

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