KE060 Unknown Laws Of The Universe

Unknown Laws Of The Universe



May 21, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





The Unknown Laws of the Universe

This painting represents all the laws of the universe that we as humans living on Earth have either forgotten or ignored. These were probably common sense to us many years ago, but as we “evolved” as a species, greed and desire and even science changed our ways of thought.

The natural laws of the universe are written in music up in the skies for us to see everyday, if we only dare to glance up at them!

Since there are is so much that we don’t know, we are likely “sinning” against the laws of the universe, natural law, on a regular basis. For this reason, everyone should have this painting, and it makes an excellent compliment to any other painting in my collection.

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The image in this picture came from a dream. The topic came from discussions with friends about what’s going on with the world today and how we have changed as human beings.


Feeling lost, needing inspiration from above, the desire to get back to nature and purifying the soul are signs that you are feeling the affects of going against the laws of the universe.


I was originally going to call this the “Laws of the Universe”, but I thought it was more appropriate to add “unknown” since that is the issue at hand.

The music is a single cello, and one of my favorite compositions.

Music Composition:

Composed: 2006

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