KE041 Right Prayer

Right Prayer



March 20, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Right Prayer

This is a reminder of the right way to pray

Praying means thinking strongly about something, regardless of religious belief. When we pray or wish for something, we should do it with Love and Peace in mind and be sure that what we are wishing for doesn’t include harm to another. Most of us do this all the time by accident.

A clear and simple example is a baseball game. If you pray for Team A to win, Team B must lose in order for your wish to come true. So in essence, you are also praying for Team B to lose. Another example is in a fight or war. For one side to win, the other must lose. Usually we (hopefully) don’t intend to pray for someone to lose or be hurt, but that is the foundation of our wish.

Our prayers should be between us and God

We are not Gods and should not ask for things to be done to others. Our prayers should be between us and God (whoever/whatever you believe God is) and they should be neutral. Let the Gods make decisions regarding other people. We do not know their history, in blood relations or spiritually, therefore we (being humans) cannot and must not judge.

Non-neutral prayers create a spell between the person doing the praying and the person they are praying against. Since both sides are usually unaware of that spell (energy connection created by strong thoughts) it is difficult to break. Nevertheless, it creates a weight on the shoulders of both sides and hinders our ability to move on to the future and to the light (the “Light” is how I refer to the world we came from and the world we return to when we die.)

To understand how to break a spell, I recommend understanding the meanings behind the following designs:

After reading through these, you may have a refreshing outlook on life!

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I had dreams of people praying for others to be hurt so they themselves could survive and live more happily.


If you have heaving feelings toward someone and can’t seem to shake them; if you want to change the way you view things and not be as negative toward people or handle situations in a more positive manner, this is an excellent starting point for you.

This helps you change your way of thought toward unconditional love. It is also a good way to learn how to earn forgiveness when bringing someone else down (be it purposefully or accidental.)

Personally, I like to review this as well as the linked designs above to refresh my mind from time to time.


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Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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