KE019 Hikari For You

Hikari For You



September 8, 2005


Marker on Paper





Hikari For You

This design was created for protection from demons, black magic and other such evils. The angels that the music calls are hidden behind the bright light of the center star, so when anything evil comes by, the angels can pierce through the blinding light with their sword and fight off the demons!

We should never attempt to fight demons or ghosts by ourselves because as humans, we cannot win against them. We must leave it up to the Gods, Angels and energies that protect us from the other side. The demons do not like the light and they do not like love. Keep Love and Light in your heart at all times. Demons like to attack from the rear, when you are not looking, so this is a great design to be worn on the back, or placed at the rear of the house, or anywhere you feel the darkness is stronger!

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The music in this picture came straight out of a dream, but I didn’t quite understand the meaning until I had another dream about one year later. I dreamt of a very powerful white light with green music going across and I knew it was for this music, and realized the strength that this art would have once combined with the original music.


Protections from demons or harmful spirits, protection from black magic and grudges.


This is the first design in a pair, the second is #20, “Hikari Gold”.

Music Composition:

Composed: approx. September, 2004

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