KE091 The Fire God

The Fire God



November 07, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





The Fire God

This design is for the Fire God, our connection to the light that we came from (and where we return to when we die.) Our training on Earth is to keep ourselves pure, in the midst of greed and evil. The Fire God (light) can purify our sins by severing the connections with evil. Without a bond with fire, we have no means of bonding with light, and therefore no means of purification.

If you are ready to purify yourself, you can look to the Fire God, through this design to get started!

The Soul comes to Earth through the light, so we must remember where we started from and be “one with the light,” without even thinking or trying. Upon arrival on this planet (from the day we are conceived) we immediately begin our training. Purify your mind and body, let the light shine through it and don’t let it get clouded in darkness.

The mysterious energies of the stars and universe (we call God or Gods) are oriented to the future and will guide you in the right direction. Throw out your worldly thoughts and ways, and lead a life focused on purity! With this constantly on your mind, your soul will easily find the light again when you pass on to the Spirit World.

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I’ve been wanting to create designs for the Gods of Nature for quite a while, but wanted to think deeply and get people’s’ thoughts about them before embarking on this important task. As you can easily see, this is very spiritual in nature, and comes from some Japanese background. I thank my friends for sharing their thoughts, opinions and beliefs with me to help create this painting!


Trying to keep your heart pure, Asking Forgiveness for Sins (We all Sin!), stepping forward in your Life Training all begin with purification of the soul.


Fire is essential in purifying the soul, as it wards off darkness and evil spirits that linger in the darkness. Water is essential in cleansing the soul and ridding yourself of own your sins and any darkness you have created.

This song was composed on guitar.

Music Composition:

Composed: 2006

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