KE131 Raijin

Raijin (The God of Thunder and Lightning)



July 1, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas





Raijin (The God of Thunder and Lightning)

This design symbolizes the (Japanese) Shinto God, “Raijin” (also know as Raishin) which is the God of Thunder and Lightning and Storms.

Beyond the obvious work of influencing stormy weather, I believe that this God has the ability to influence healing exceeding normal boundaries. While giving healing energy to my son after a bad bicycle accident, I heard the name “Raijin” in my head. During that time, I was given the impression that this energy could influence the healing of nerves, and speed healing in general.

Raijin is also a bringer of the pure energy of light, protecting from darkness and evil. In a house or building that has a dark, negative or heavy feel to it, Raijin can fill it with light.

I recommend this for people who need healing above and beyond the body’s normal abilities to fix itself. Especially after an accident resulting in damage to nerves or motor skills.

Raijin is also known as:

  • Yakusa no ikazuchi no kami: 八雷神
  • Kaminari-sama: 雷様
  • Raiden-sama: 雷電様
  • Narukami: 鳴神

Whenever I send healing energy to someone through Raijin, I imagine the electrical current of lightning running through their body and repairing any health issues.

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My son’s bicycle accident led to this healing art. During the first couple weeks staying in the hospital with him and sending him healing energy, I heard the word “Raijin” and got the impression that Raijin was watching over him, helping him heal. Soon after, I got the image to paint, so I created the melody and painted this design to help him. I had to look up what Raijin meant, as it was new to me.


This is healing and spiritual art with a lot of applications. Mainly I intended it for the healing of nerves and for purification by way of light.


This art can be used in combination with many others to make their power stronger.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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