KE100 Everlasting Light

Everlasting Light



April 18, 2007


Acrylic on Canvas





Everlasting Light

This brings the everlasting light of the Sun Goddess (Amaterasu) down to the Earth, for eternal cleansing and purification of our planet and souls! This design is based on Japanese Mythology and is meant to bring upon the generation change from Amaterasu to her successor!

My hope here is to spread the purity of light to this world that has become dark with greed.

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Discussions with friends about light and the Sun Goddess’s job of shining light upon us to clear the darkness.


This spiritual painting is for people seeking spiritual awareness, cleansing the soul of sins and spreading the purity of Light.

It may also be attractive for those interested in Japanese Mythology.



This painting is a good example of how photographs of paintings can take away the details. The dot in the center of the design is the Earth, surrounded by the everlasting light of the universe.

Music Composition:

Composed: 2007

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