KE118 Sword Of Light

Sword Of Light



December 12, 2007


Oil on canvas





Sword of Light

This is the Sword of Light. The Gods can use this to fight off evil and darkness. It is not a weapon as a human being would imagine, but a means of spreading pure light where darkness lingers. Where there is light, there shall be no darkness. Demons and evil spirits would flee from the God or Angel wielding the sword of light.

We must remember that it is not our job to fight evil or spirits, and we should never even attempt to compete with any type of demon. We couldn’t win even if we tried. Rather, let our hearts be pure and bright, and leave dealing with evil, demons and darkness to the Gods. While we are pure of mind and soul, we are guarded by that which is pure light – God and those that do God’s work (angels, etc.).

As men and women, we are souls of energy bound by mortal bodies. We are subject to physical weakness and illness, which can in turn deplete our energy leaving us completely defenseless. If we are not careful, we open ourselves up to the work of demons and dark souls. They feed off of our energy and grow stronger as we grow weaker. They will leave us enough energy to do get by and trick us into doing their dirty work. This is the reason why some really bad people seem to live longer and gain more power than those who are doing their best to do the right thing and stay pure.

Once we fall into the hands of a demon, it is extremely difficult to break free, especially on our own. At that point (and this can happen to anyone as they hit a slump or are even briefly turned by anger, grudges or greed), the only thing we can do is let go of our own desires and turn to God for help. God will it’s messengers wielding the (figurative) sword of light to dispose of the darkness that has overcome us (likened to possession at extreme times).

In the event that we are saved from this evil, it is completely up to us not to fall into the same dilemma once again. We should be prepared with the right mind and way of thinking to preserve our energy and not make ourselves a target for the darkness.

They prey on the weak, the greedy and the angry.


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Learning about the Japanese “God of daggers/swords,” called “Tsurugi no Kamisama” inspired me to make a painting for it.


Seeing scary ghosts, spirits, or demons and having nightmares or feeling surrounded by darkness is sign of danger. It is best to handle this situation as quickly as possible.


This is my only painting that I did in oil paint. Although I painted a couple custom orders of this design, I did them in acrylic. I prefer the lighter feeling of acrylic paint to the heavier feeling of oil.

Music Composition:

Composed: December 10, 2007

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