KE109 Holy Water

Holy Water



September 02, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





Holy Water

Holy Water drives off evil, even the demons don’t want to stick around when you are cleansed with Holy Water. No harm can ever be done by offering Holy Water to anyone or anything. When someone is feeling down, lost or headed down a dark path in life (emotionally or spiritually), douse them with this holy water in your mind. You may be surprised what a difference it can make.

Water is for cleansing the soul. We cleanse our soul to remove the darkness that stops us from shining due to darkness caused by greed, grudges, anger and sin. It may not come off easily, but with effort it can be done. To cleanse yourself you must feel genuine regret for that which you want to be cleansed of. In your mind (God hears our thoughts, even if we are not trying to pray) you need to apologize to whom you’ve hurt or for the things you’ve done wrong.

Once you have cleansed your soul and asked for forgiveness, allow the sunlight into your soul. Fire and light purifies the soul, and when you are pure, you are able to return to the light when your time comes. In the end, that is our ultimate goal.

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Inspiration came from dreams, requests and many many discussions with great friends and family.


Cleanse your soul or property to rid yourself, home or office of darkness and evil. If you feel a strange or dark presence or energy somewhere in your home, try hanging a Holy Water postcard in that area and see if it goes away.


I painted this spiritual art in the evening. My chair was next to the window. The moment I completed the painting it began raining (hadn’t rained all day) and it rained for about 20 seconds then stopped. It didn’t rain any more that day. Quite a coincidence.

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Composed: September, 2007

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