KE104 Wind Energy

Wind Energy



June 20, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





Wind Energy

There is so much the wind does for us on a daily basis. In nature, wind brings us fresh air and new energy to help us get through the day with a positive, energetic attitude. The wind clears out stale air and brings in air from places you might never even have been.

Emotional and spiritually, the energy of the wind freshens up our mind. The “Wind God” brings us fresh, new ideas and outlooks on life so we can always be moving forward and not get stuck in a stagnant environment or even get caught flowing backward on a path of negativity.

Just as you would do spring cleaning on your house, when you feel the wind coming, take the opportunity to do a little reassessment of your way of thinking and your views on life.  Ask yourself things like:

  • Am I moving forward?
  • Am I limiting myself or those around me with narrow thinking?
  • Am I providing a future for myself and those I love with my everyday actions?
  • Am I holding a grudge or not letting go of something that is stopping me from being all I can be?
  • Am I going somewhere positive, or do I need to alter my path or frame of mind?


Want to know more?


The song came to me in February of 2005. I finally got the vision for the painting in August of 2007.


You want to change for the better and become future-oriented. A spiritual cleansing is in need. You procrastinate often and want to change your ways.


The song for Wind Energy is long, and it started off even longer. Since my healing art is more about the visual impression of the music than the actual sound of the melody itself, I had to shorten the song so I would be able to fit all the notes in one painting. Even still, it turned out that I would have to paint it on an A1 poster size, just to fit all the music notes in with good harmony and balance.

I called on a good friend and composer to help me arrange and cut the song almost in half. After doing so, I was finally able to paint the picture.

Music Composition:

Composed: February, 2005

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