KE027 Sky Light

Sky Light



December 25, 2005


Acrylic on Paper


A1 (Poster)



Sky Light

This song represents the lost souls of World War Two finding their way to the light after so many years of roaming the Spirit World.

Many men, women and children lost their lives – before their time – at the relentless hands of leaders such as Adolf Hitler and their armies. Many of those souls were so lost, depressed and filled with deep feelings that they were unable to move on, once they arrived in the Spirit World. This design opens a door in the sky that leads to the light for those souls. Each of the music notes represents another soul finally finding its way and going up to the light.

When someone dies suddenly or unexpectedly, their soul may not realize what happened. They may not be able to comprehend whether they are dead or alive so they wander, looking for direction or clues. The lost souls may go to people they knew and loved or had a grudge on, which is not good for either side.  The spirit needs to release its hold on our world and move on to the next, then it will be able to heal. In the end, the goal is not revenge or retribution, but to move forward in purity and love.

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This music, scene and deep meaning came from many dreams of spirits trying to get their message through to me. I heard violins and a viola playing this music in my dream and jotted the main melody down, then took a couple weeks to compose the complete music together. Putting the meaning and music together and completing the picture took approximately 2 months.


This painting is meant for anyone suffering in any part from World War II, its victims or relatives and their survivors, those in depression from the war, as well as those people living in WWII historical areas where the remnants of war still remain.

Those who were taken so suddenly may (sometimes inadvertently) remain where they died, or once lived, and cause problems for those who are currently living there. This is most likely because they are reaching out for help or answers, and trying to find direction to the light, their next spiritual step.



It took a very fine brush and a lot of time and patience to complete especially the music in this painting.

Music Composition:

Composed: March 29, 2005

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