KE061 Our Sun

Our Sun



June 05, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Our Sun

All of the guilt, sin and greed of all the thousands of years we humans have inhabited this Earth has turned this poor planet into very dark place. This musical art design brings light from the strongest source, Our Sun! The Sun sends a pathway of light to the Earth to remind us that not everything is dark and evil! Along that path of light is a pipe for all the historic greed, guilt and sin that we have created to be sent away from the Earth to the Sun.

We must pray for that path to shine down upon Earth so that this negative energy can be sent back for purification. The power of the Sun will purify all that we have done! With the power of Our Sun, we can begin to clean up our past and build a clean bright future for ourselves, our children and theirs to come! I used this design to stir up the energy in and around this Earth, then bring the light through to cleanse all that which was stirred up.

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The music in this picture came straight out of a dream. The content and details came from discussions with friends about what the strongest source of energy would be to help cleanse this Earth of our long history of sins, greed and destruction. Our Sun came out as the best path.


This is a good way to make amends for your past, purify your soul and save the future of our planet and everyone living on it.


Before I created this design, I prayed to the Sun to accept us sending our human made negative energy to it for purification.

Music Composition:

Composed: 2006

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