KE059 The Prophets' Song

The Prophets Song



May 07, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





The Prophets’ Song

I created this design to call attention to (and bring an end to) religion-oriented fighting, and strange religions. I don’t think anyone alive now can say which one of the many religions out there is the absolute correct religion. But I do believe that strange or unhealthy religions can be spotted by either their extraordinary greed, or by their lack of unconditional love for all.

As the idea came up to create this design, I came across the story of Elijah and Eisha in the Bible, and used it for the underlying meaning. (That’s why I called it the “Prophets’ song”.) The 12 stones doused in water and the fire coming down from heaven are what I attempted to paint here.

I think that it is good that people can teach others about the rights and wrongs in their ways, and be able to call upon God to help them see with their own eyes. However, if this situation were ever to occur again, I wish that this time those who were shown the true Loving nature of God, would not have to die for their sins. Instead I hope that since they finally saw the wrongs of their ways, that they would be allowed to go on living, spreading what they learned and helping others change their ways as well.


In Elijah’s situation, he was able to show the so-called prophets of a strange religion driven by greed that the religion they represented was not right. Then, however, those 450 prophets were executed. They had no chance to make amends for the grief they caused.

In addition, Elijah was ordered to be murdered by the Queen. This is the balancing end of the design. Not only do those who preach wrong religions and ways of life suffer, but those who are sent by God to teach the people the right ways of life are often killed trying to do so.

I pray that people can accept in their hearts that which is right, regardless of religion. I believe the foundation of why we are here is “Love.” We must nurture Love in our hearts and the hearts of our children, so that we may prevent further fighting and wars.

I pray for forgiveness for those who follow or followed wrong religions, and express sorrow for those who had to suffer or die because of their misled beliefs.

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The music and design in this picture came from dreams and discussions with others about religion and its affect on people and society.


Religious clashes, strange religions, cults, suffering or hurting others in God’s name is all too common. We have to figure out how to get along, and not fight over whose god is better than whose. The God that exists will exists whether we believe in it or not.

Many religions offer ways of spreading love and compassion, we should just make sure it is unconditional, as God would have it.



Many discussions and many dreams contributed to me making this design.  It is very difficult to discuss religion and try to be completely neutral.

Music Composition:

Composed: 2006

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