KE031 Healing Power

Healing Power



January 12, 2006


Marker on Paper





Healing Power

This design is called “Healing Power” or “Getting Better”. I created this in the healing series as a “get better” wish/prayer for those with internal medicine related diseases. This would be for people with illness of the organs, or internal problems that may not be quite clear yet.

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I heard this music in a dream, then woke up and wrote it down. Later I began to “play” with writing the music in a more visually appealing way than just regular sheet music. It sat there for about a year until I realized its meaning. Though I had thought it had something to do with healing, something just wasn’t clicking for me to be able to complete the painting.

This is one of two versions of the painting (the other is “Happy Paws” Healing Power for animals)


People with internal disease or illnesses could benefit from this healing power painting. I believe it is also good for those who are preparing for surgery.


This is one of the first designs I made, though it took over a year to add color and finish it.  There are two versions of this drawing, the first version is #29, “Happy Paws”, which is meant to help animals.

Music Composition:

Composed: around 2004

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