KE147 Comfort




February 08, 2011


Acrylic on Canvas






“Ease the stress and let your body naturally heal itself.”

This design was created for people with stomach problems or gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers and GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease). The idea is to comfort the soul, ease the stress and let the body naturally heal itself.

We human beings have an awesome immune system that knows how to repair just about any natural ailment that comes along inside our bodies. The problem here is that we overload ourselves with stress and this makes the body go into overtime trying to keep healthy. One of the first places to weaken is the stomach, and if left unchecked it can lead to serious health issues.

There are many causes of stress but once it gets bad, we tend to do things that just make it worse. For example, digging into a carton of ice cream (not exactly packed with vitamins or nutrients) or taking out frustrations by snapping at the people who care about us the most. Then the stress just builds up more. The stomach acid goes crazy and before you know it, you are one of the millions of people who are suffering from gastric disorders and ulcers.

Calm Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Put your mind at ease and start letting go of some of the things that are bothering you. Release your grudges. Get some exercise and try out some healthier food. You may be at a point where you medical attention before it becomes irreversible. Take the steps you need to do to calm the side-effects, then start taking measures to reduce your stress. It is not easy, I know. I speak from direct experience. But you’ll be glad that you changed your ways for the better when your symptoms start to go away. Remember that symptoms are the result of the source cause. If you don’t attack it at the source, they’ll never be gone for good.

Use this healing art to encourage you and give you the strength that you need to make a positive change for your life and for your health.

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My inspiration came from my own experience with GERD. I had a dream with the music and the image to paint about a month and a half after the symptoms started.


This is healing art for people with any of the following types of symptoms:

  • Stomach problems
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)
  • Ulcers
  • Stress-related health issues


There are no special notes for this painting.

Music Composition:

Composed: February 8, 2011

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