KE134 Balance




April 29, 2010


Acrylic on Paper






This design was created for people who have problems keeping their physical balance. This could be due to inner ear balance issues or physical limitations. It can also stem from handicaps or impairments in the legs or hips. There are many other health related issues that can cause issues with keeping one’s balance.

Having ear problems myself, this is sometimes an issue for me. I noticed some family members and friends who sort of “wobble” while standing, as they unconsciously try to keep their balance. The final inspiration for this painting came while I was giving healing energy to a friend. During that time, I noticed she needed help with her balance in general. Soon after, the music came to me naturally and the image sketch followed quickly.

Those with a natural imbalance tend to get dizzy or nauseous just standing up. Or they can feel queasy when they walk. This can affect their whole lifestyle since they might not be able to go outside without getting headaches. The worst part is this issue is that it is not easy to diagnose. So they may go a while without even knowing the reason for their health troubles.

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I painted this after an energy healing session for a friend and suddenly got the inspiration needed to help this physical problem. I also sensed it would be needed most (but not exclusively) by women.


This is a great healing painting for people with these types of symptoms:

  • Trouble keeping your balance
  • Can’t stand up straight without wobbling
  • Balance issues riding bikes or motorcycles
  • Trouble keeping balance while playing sports
  • Ear issues


There are no special notes for this painting.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 12, 2010

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