KE070 Something Wrong

Something Wrong



August 12, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Something Wrong

Many people have diseases, illnesses and pains in their body and the doctor is unable to diagnose what the source is, therefore cannot prescribe the proper and needed treatment. This design is meant to bring out the source of the problems so you can take the steps required to clear the problem. Sometimes the cause is not obvious or will never become obvious because it is either a mixture of different issues, or not physical at all, but mental, emotional or spiritual in nature.

What ever the source of the problem be, may you feel at ease, find a good doctor and may the source be healed!

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The idea came from seeing many people going to the doctor for years without ever being healed. Some of the problems maybe just bad doctors, but others may be the sources not presenting themselves. This is one of several I wrote while I myself was in the hospital.


If doctors are unable to diagnose your illness, symptoms or disease, this healing art is for you.


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Composed: August, 2006

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