KE013 Ave Maria Red

Ave Maria Red



June 30, 2005


Marker on Paper





Ave Maria Red

I played this music on guitar and wrote it so it also spells out “Ave Maria” when you connect the notes together! I believe there is a healing power inside the music when put in this form of art. The red background symbolizes blood, which relates to the circulatory system and those organs of the body. So for heart or blood conditions, like heart attacks, diabetes and leukemia, bring you or a loved one fast recovery with Mother Mary’s blessing.

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The image of my Ave Maria painting came to me in a dream again, this time with a Red background, symbolizing blood. I believe it is Mother Mary’s offering to help people cleanse their blood of diseases.



This design is meant for people going into surgery, or having (or are at risk for) heart attack, leukemia, blood disease, AIDS. Also helpful for those whose white or red blood cell count is off, or have situations like vericose veins.



The following designs have the same music: 006 Ave Maria (original), 007 Ave Maria (sermon), 009 Ave Maria (rainbow), 013 Ave Maria (red), 092 Ave Maria (heart).

While all the art in my paintings have music blended into the design itself, this series is the only one that the music notes connect together to form words.


Music Composition:

Composed: May 14, 2005

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