KE081 Hold On Youth

Hold on Youth



September 05, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Hold On “Fountain of Youth”

This has the same music as the green Hold On! picture. I’ve found that people in their higher years often take more of a liking to this “Fountain of Youth” design.

As we get older, diseases, weaknesses, troubles and problems start to come out. This message is to Hold On! You can make it through these hard times! Let this comfort you or a loved one, in knowing that we as humans in human bodies do get older by nature, but we can keep on keeping on as long as we are mentally and spiritually fit! This may go well coupled with some other designs in the Healing section.

This is one of two versions of Hold On! The other is Hold On!

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For those who are getting older, body is failing, having hard times healthwise or are generally falling into poor health.


There are no special notes for this painting.

Music Composition:

Composed: July, 2005

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