KE096 Hey Doc

Hey Doc



February 07,  2007


Acrylic on Paper





Hey Doc

This design is for people who have no luck with doctors. No matter how many clinics or hospitals they go to, the doctor never seems to correct the problem. Some people require corrective surgery as a result of doctors who either just don’t care about their patients, or simply don’t have the knowledge or skill to care for patients properly. So I decided to create this music to help those with medical conditions who just can’t seem to find a competent doctor.

This picture is meant to bring a good doctor to you!

When you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition, you need to find a specialist and be treated by a physician who has the credentials to treat you properly. They must also care enough about your health to take the time required to assess your personal situation to prescribe the correct treatment. So use this art as a reminder that you must not just take the first doctor in the phone book, if you do a little planning, the right doctor will present him/herself to you!

A doctor probably won’t call you out of the blue, but my hopes are that the right situation will present itself to you. You may be in for a checkup when another patient suggests a good doctor you know. Or you might be driving by or flipping through the yellow pages and a particular doctor’s office catches your attention. Go with your hunch! Begin researching that doctor/office/hospital/clinic and see if it is right for you!

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I’ve heard too many stories from family and friends whose doctor just never seems to get things right, and act as though the patient is part of a factory line. In addition, dreams of being operated on numerous times inspired me to create this design.


Finding the right doctor for you.


As with many things in life, when you get two people together, there is always a chance that the personalities don’t match or the auras just don’t mix well together. It’s best to make sure the doctor you visit will listen to you and you can understand them when they explain things to you.

Music Composition:

Composed: February, 2007

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