KE083 You Will Smile Again

You Will Smile Again



September 23, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





You Will Smile Again

This design is for people who are feeling depressed. It is a reminder that sadness always ends, and when it’s over, you will always smile again. The kanji character in the center is “warau,” which means laugh, or smile.

This design was inspired by President Abraham Lincoln. I did a little research on him and found that he had some deep mood swings, mostly in the lows. He often got depressed for long periods of time. Every time he got depressed though, he was able to pull himself out of it a little faster than before, realizing more and more that there is always an end to sadness.

He often wrote poems, and many were about his sadness, some were to friends about theirs, and one in particular was to a friend who was suffering from depression after losing a loved one. In that letter, he spoke from his own experience and assured her that her grief will surely end and she would smile again.

From this, I realized that just “knowing” that sadness always ends sooner or later can help us bring ourselves to end it as quick as possible.

The music for this also has lyrics to it. Enjoy, and keep smiling – AGAIN!

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The need for this came to me in many dreams and by popular request. Also by my own realization that we get stuck dwelling on negativity and forget that creating a smile is as simple as changing the shape of the mouth. That physical change does miracles for your inside, and it is definitely contagious on the outside as well!




I heard the song and lyrics in my dream, sounding like a pop song. It was difficult remember everything after I woke, but I did my best to capture it the same way I experienced it in the dream.

More paintings inspired by President Lincoln are #37 “Justice Prevails” and #53 “One Truth“.

Music Composition:

Composed: September, 2006

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