KE113 Realization




October 07, 2007


Acrylic on Paper






I created this design to help people realize their bad habits and addictions. At first, I had alcohol, drugs and tobacco in mind, but as I discussed this with others I realized that it could pertain to other habits as well.

I don’t believe it is possible to make a person change himself or herself, it must happen from within. That’s why this design aims at helping people realize (the key is to realize!) that they have a problem that not only affects them, but those around them, and most often, those that are closest to them. If one doesn’t realize their own issues, there is no chance of changing from within.

Friends and family can offer all their energy and support, even try to force change upon this person. However without the internal will to become someone with a new personality, the effort is usually futile. That being said, having a trusting support system of people you can go to when in need is extremely important to succeed. Therefore this healing art is made for both the person who needs to change and the people who are affected and those who will go through the change with them together as their support.

My hope is that whether you have an addiction or problem you need to take care of, or someone near you does, the energy from this art will assist in the natural desire to quit or change your habits for the better, and for good.

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Inspiration came from people I know who have had and have been affected by addictions.


Those with bad habits and addictions (such as drug, alcohol or cigarette smoking) that often cause problems for themselves and those around them, can get help in the realization of the severity of the issue with this healing art.


I don’t believe that addictions are cured, they are only well managed.

Music Composition:

Composed: October, 2007

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