KE117 Gonna Be Alright Now

Gonna Be Alright Now



December 2, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





Gonna Be Alright Now

This design was made to ease the minds of those who have considered or attempted suicide, as well as those affected by it. It is also meant to help the souls of those who have already passed from suicide.

Suicide goes against the reason why we are here, to train our souls to be pure again. Taking our life away, takes away the chance of achieving our goal, and we must do all we can to get through every situation presented to us. We must also help others get through their training in life as well. I believe that we cannot proceed to the light (heaven) alone, we must help someone else get there as well.

The training that we have to go through in life is complex and we can’t comprehend it all. Each person’s training is different from the next person. It depends on the nature of the soul as well as their successes and failures in past lives. (Consider karma.) For some, this lifetime will be extremely hard and trying. It will be so difficult that, without someone else’s help, it may seem like they just cannot handle it anymore. My message to you is, “Don’t give up! You can get through it, and you’ll be stronger as a result.”

If you or someone you know is heading down a path that seems to have no positive end. I encourage you to keep trying to find the way. Look to unconditional love and purity. If it isn’t coming from someone around you, look to your guardian angel. It will be there to guide you through even the roughest of times. Some of us just have to go through these times to get to where we need to be. If you notice someone in this situation, find a way to help them directly or get them the help that they need. Never leave a person down if you can help it.

Follow in the footsteps of Mother Teresa! You may not be able to devote your life to the poor, but you can open your heart up to those who have noone.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
-Mother Teresa


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Discussing differences between being sad, depressed and reaching the point of suicidal thoughts. I’ve met a lot people with a wide variety of situations that can weigh heavily on our hearts. My hope is that this design can bring them back to seeing the value in life so they can begin to heal their soul and move on in life.


People who suffer from depression, suicide attempts or are troubled by someone else’s suicide or suicide attempt can benefit from this spiritual healing art.


Life is complex. Past lives are complex. The future is what we are making it become.

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Composed: November 2, 2006

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