KE108 The Deepest Treasures

The Deepest Treasures



August 30, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





The Deepest Treasures

This design was created to bring out fortune from the Gods to those with pure hearts and pure intentions. The Earth will provide us with everything we need in life, it has a lot of treasures to offer us. We can use you all she has to offer us, but we must do so without greed.

Spiritually, this art brings energy from the earth, from the depth of the deepest seas. There is a God in Japanese mythology called Ebisu (sometimes Yebisu or Ebesu). It is the God of fishermen and luck.

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The Japanese God Ebisu-sama was an inspiration in creating this painting. It is said that it can bring gold coins from the depths of the sea for those with pure hearts.


You are wanting to become one with Earth, closer to mother nature, and form a symbiotic relationship with mother earth. In turn, your good fortune may increase by the will of the Gods.


Ebisu-sama is one of the 7 Gods of Good Fortune.

Music Composition:

Composed: August, 2007

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