KE121 My Souls

My Souls



July 03, 2008


Acrylic on Canvas





My Souls

This design was created to bring out the light energy needed for your soul to reach out to your souls of your past lives, bringing all your eternal energy back to its source. With all the knowledge and experience of all your souls coming back together as one, you can be whole and pure again!


“Often we are left with unfinished business or our life training was incomplete.”


As we go through life with a purpose, sometimes we reach our goals, but often we are left with unfinished business or our life training was incomplete. Before we are born, our soul knows its purpose in this upcoming life. When are born, we start clear and the further we get from our spiritual purity, we lose track of that purpose. Though we can’t express it in words, our soul still remembers and guides us with hunches. If we reach the end of our life and were not able to attain the goals that we set as our soul before coming down to earth to be born, then we may have to be re-born in order to complete that mission. I explain this in more detail in the design, “Who We Are”.

As we go through our spiritual transgressions and are re-born (reincarnated) over and over again, we try to finish the original task that we were sent here to do. Every time we are born, we have a different way to achieve that. You may be rich in one life, poor in another, a musician in one or a politician in another. Every time though, you have a chance to make a positive impact on others and forward momentum for your soul.

When you have finally achieved your life training and are ready to move on to the light (heaven), you must gather all your souls of the past, all your energy and soul memories, lessons learned and use it all to move forward. You can not go otherwise. This spiritual healing art calls to your souls of the past to become one with you now in your main soul energy.

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Consideration of past lives and the reasons for rebirth, dreams of souls traveling through space, returning to their source or preparing to be reborn – all inspired me to create this spiritual art.


Goals of life progression, being able to move forward and release the past. In preparation for death, in your last days, looking back on life and finding meaning and satisfaction, we should gather our souls and try to understand what we have learned over the years we have spent on Earth.


Though it is hard to imagine, I think our souls have energy that can be displaced from the original source (the main soul energy) after we die and find our way into a new human life to be reborn again. When that energy has a feeling of being lost or incomplete, it can be difficult to find its way back. For this we need pure light from our main soul to reach out to all the rest.

Music Composition:

Composed: July 3, 2008

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