KE102 Lay Down Your Weapons

Lay Down Your Weapons



June 03, 2007


Acrylic on Canvas





Lay Down Your Weapons

This design was created to encourage people to stop their use of weapons for fighting to resolve conflicts. We should abandon our use of guns for hurting others or taking lives. Instead, let us use our hearts to learn how to get along with our neighbors, rather than fighting to gain control of them and their thoughts.

We must put a stop to the way of thinking that it is so easy to pick up a gun to settle a dispute.

Healing from the wound is both physical and mental. I think it is important to be able to forgive (or at least release the grudge of) the person or people who have harmed us. That relieves our own stress. Those who have harmed others can benefit from this by being able to show genuine regret for, and to ask for forgiveness for their crimes and sins.

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This “Lay Down Your Weapons” painting came about due to dreams of people being shot, along with the reality of current wars and conflicts. Watching the news, we see more and more people relentlessly using their weapons in public to satisfy revenge or differing opinions. I hope this art can inspire us to peacefully put an end to this way of thinking.


This is spiritual and healing art for anyone one has been injured by weapons, such as gunshot wounds. From the opposite point of view, this is for those who own guns and would use them to hurt another person. Even in self defense, when you have shot someone, it is difficult to forget and you have to live with what you have done to another human being.

If you wish for peace and want the world to lay down its weapons in search for a non-violent way of settling issues, help us stop battling each other in conflicts and war by remembering the concept behind “Lay down your weapons”.



When I have dreams of being shot, they feel extremely real. I feel the pain and the shock and the realization that I could die any moment from the wound.

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Composed: June, 2007

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