KE036 Free The Soul

Free The Soul



February 20, 2006


Marker on Paper





Free the Soul

This is the second in a two part series. The first picture is “The Light Has Come!” This design represents judgement time for the soul. Depending on different beliefs, this could be meeting Saint Peter, or Fudo myo Oosama.

After we die, our soul separates from the body (See also “Delivering the Soul“) and rides the light to be judged for the training it has gone through in life. If the training was well done and completed successfully, the soul is given the key to go on to the world of light where it came from, Heaven. If it’s training was not completed successfully and there is something that it still needs to learn, it will be sent back to Earth for further training. It will be reborn/reincarnated as a new person with another chance to complete it’s soul training.

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The music in this picture came straight out of a dream. I saw the rainbow piano exactly the way it is drawn here. This came the same night as I drew “The Light Has Come.” I went to sleep and woke up soon after that, having seen this image in my dream. I realized that the soul couldn’t finish it’s path to the light without being judged first.


This design is meant to help those who have already died, but are having trouble moving on. Because of that trouble, they may often attach themselves to someone who is still alive, in order to get solve any remaining grudges or problems that are bothering them. This can take away the energy of the person they are hanging around and cause health issues, also understood as possessions by demons or evil spirits. To “exorcise” those spirits, and free the people affected by them, we give that spirit a chance at the light.

The rainbow brings them to the light, the “piano” and music guides the soul.



This is the second in a pair set with #35, “The Light Has Come“.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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