KE136 Voice




June 5, 2010


Acrylic on Canvas







This design was created for people with allergy problems, particularly Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) related. Allergies can cause so many inconveniences and even serious health problems in life. I have had allergy issues that result in post-nasal drip, itchy eyes and ear discomfort throughout my life. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that a doctor pointed out some allergy medicine that would take away the blunt of the symptoms. However, they made me too dry and drowsy so I rarely used them. Years later, another ENT doctor recommended some different medicine that tends to help, but I have to take them on a daily basis. Just recently, I have found that herb tea can greatly reduce my need for pharmaceuticals and most of my symptoms are relieved! It took quite a journey for me to get to this point and it may not work the same for others. Dealing with allergies can be a real pain.

If you don’t do anything about it, you may be fine and feel it only as a minor nuisance. However for many allergy sufferers, ignoring the problem is not an option.

The source of allergies may not present itself clearly, even on an allergen test. You can take a skin test or a blood test to see what kinds of allergic reactions you have, but even the doctor will tell you that they are not completely accurate. So you may end up getting treatment that doesn’t exactly match your situation.

Once you find out what is causing your allergic reactions, the next question is how to treat them. Most will probably turn to medical treatment using doctor prescribed or over-the-counter drugs. If not carefully watched or taken properly, these can lead to other side effects or even other medical conditions. Depending on the severity of the allergies and how they interrupt your daily life, these may be worth the risk for some.

Others may turn to a more natural approach. Certain herbs and holistic alternatives can often provide better relief with fewer side effects. The problem here is that we’ve been conditioned to taking medicine rather than searching for natural remedies to anything related to health. So while some may doubt whether anything other than drugs can provide allergy relief, those who are interested in natural remedies simply don’t know where to find them.

No matter which approach you take to dealing with your allergy issues, I hope that this healing art will help you find a way to at least reduce the effects of allergies on your daily life.

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I saw this design in my dream and painted it exactly the way I remember it. It was a very curious dream with stars hanging off of umbrellas.

For many years, I would lose my voice once or twice a year due to allergy problems. It affected my daily life and even worse, it made my job difficult.


If you suffer from allergies, this healing art is for you.


While there may be no “cure” for many allergies, this painting will guide you to the best treatment for you.

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Composed: June 5, 2010

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