KE119 Smooth And Clear

Smooth And Clear



June 14, 2008


Acrylic on Paper





Smooth and Clear

This design was made for people with skin problems or diseases, like eczema and allergies or acne. The hope is for their skin problems to heal, or for them to be given connections to someone (such as a good dermatologist) who can help manage or deal with the situation to make it easier to live with.

Skin rashes and irritations can be caused by many things such as allergies to the things we use and touch in daily life. They can also result from allergic reactions to food, or even just stress. Many people get dry skin simply from using soap, such as when washing dishes. Any health problem always has the chance that it stems from a spiritual or emotional issue that is affecting the body’s ability to naturally protect and heal itself.

Since there are a variety of symptoms and causes, it is difficult to directly state the cure. If the problem is that you haven’t been able to find a good enough doctor to prescribe the correct treatment, then this design should help you realize that and get you to find a new doctor. However if the issue lies elsewhere, the purpose of this healing art is to help you find the source and handle it accordingly. You may not realize it right away but one day you might coincidentally meet someone who suggests that you change dish soap, or your source of stress suddenly becomes obvious so you can relieve it and, in-turn, your skin problems get better.

Lastly, it is important to remember that whether you heal or not depends on you making the right decision and taking appropriate action. If you find out that you have a food allergy but don’t change your eating habits, you’ll never heal. If you are prescribed an ointment but don’t use it, you’ll never know if it would have worked. While we are surrounded by God’s work and angels to help us, if we don’t take the initiative to accept their support and move forward with it, we cannot move forward and heal ourselves.

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Family and friends with skin problems that just won’t seem to heal inspired me to create this design. Their trouble trying to change their habits or daily activities stop the cause of the irritations led to the explanations above.


This is healing art for people with skin problems such as eczema, rashes, skin allergies, chronic acne, blemishes and dry skin.


If you find the source of your issue and have trouble adjusting, keep this design in the area so you can be reminded of it.

Music Composition:

Composed: June 15, 2008

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