KE111 Twins




October 07, 2007


Acrylic on Paper






Twins have an uncanny connection between them, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Spiritually, I think their energy – aura – is also connected. That relationship can work out for the better, but it can also turn out for the worst, causing health problems between them or spreading issues from one twin to the other.

When one twin is feeling down, the other may follow. On the other hand, when one is full of energy and vibrant, if it is overbearing it may be using up the energy of the other twin. When your energy is being drained, the immune system is weakened and it becomes easier to get sick or injured.

Still, when one twin notices that the other is lacking in energy, that mysterious connection can help bring their spirits and health back up again. Anyone with twins will tell you that you never know what to expect.

I created this painting to take away the bad or negative connections in the souls of twins, from the past lives as well as current lives. My hope is that each twin (or triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet and so on) live his or her own life fully and be able to complete their own life’s training successfully!

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I had dreams of twins, even being a twin myself, and feeling the auric, emotional and physical connections they have. Also having twins in the family as well as friends with twins gave light to the bonds they share.


This painting is for twins in this life or in a past life that want to get along better. It separates the negative aspects of twins while keeping the positive ones intact.


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Music Composition:

Composed: October, 2007

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