KE042 Tribute To The Tree Sprite

Tribute To The Tree Sprite



March 20, 2006


Acrylic on Paper





Tribute To The Tree Sprite

Within every tree is a life energy, I call it a Tree Sprite. (A Sprite is like a small God, Angel or Fairy.) Trees are here for us to use, however we are mostly just abusing them.

We must learn to show our appreciation for nature and the energy that exists within Nature to support us. Before cutting down a live tree, we must ask that energy inside (the Tree Sprite) to leave first and find a new tree to live in. If not, we anger the Sprite and may suffer from it. If we do, then we can use that tree with peace of mind.

Nature should never be taken lightly, it will surely come back on us if we do.

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I had a mysterious dream in which I saw the letter “i” in the center of a tree. I painted it exactly the way I saw it in my dream. It represents the Sprite letting me know that it is in there.




This is for those work are involved in or work in forestry or the lumber industry, even carpenters or construction workers of all types. If you use wood, keep this as a reminder that what you are using comes from life. It’s not that we cannot use trees for their wood, we just need to be thoughtful of how we use it.

Tree huggers and nature lovers will also love this tribute to the Tree Sprite.

Music Composition:

Composed: January 5, 2006

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