KE062 The World In Our Hands

The World In Our Hands



June 13, 2006


Watercolor pencils on Paper





The World In Our Hands

This is the balance of human beings and Earth. We have grown so proud of ourselves as humans that we have forgotten that the Earth is what supplies us with what we need to survive. To state the obvious, without our planet, we would not have a physical place to live. Less obvious is the fact that the Earth has the ability to supply us with everything we need to live. Earth has all the vitamins and minerals, seeds of fruit, roots of vegetables, and greenery to purify the air that we need to breathe in and sustain life!

We have taken this all for granted and bathed in our own greed to the extent that we see it as commonplace and find it hard to realize that we are sacrificing our living environment for convenience and luxury. Since convenience and luxury are both temporary, this sacrifice will also make our human existence temporary. We must change our ways and go back to our natural knowledge and instincts of appreciating that which the Earth has to offer us.

If we can do this, Mother Earth will supply us with everything we need to continue to exist. If we cannot, Mother Earth will no longer be able to (or possibly not even be willing to) support us. Let us show appreciation for our environment, and not lose it to greed! This message is a message from the Mountain God, saying that it will provide us what we need if we will only show appreciation in return.

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This design’s meaning came from a series of dreams that I believe were messages from the Mountain God. Talking with friends grew my desire to create this design even more.

Then one morning when I went out for coffee, I got a strong feeling that I was being called by the Mountain God to drive up to the top of the mountain in our town. I drove up and that is where I got the image for this design. Inside the image is the Earth, and the two mountains in the middle are made up of the Japanese kanji for “person” (人)


Those working in mines, farms or orchards know the value of the food and minerals that our Earth provides us. Be more environmentally conscious and help save our planet.


This painting is a companion to #14, “End of the Rainbow“.

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Composed: 2006

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