KE101 Safe At Work

Safe At Work



April 18, 2007


Acrylic on Paper





Safe at Work

This is to protect people who work in dangerous places, or working with dangerous people. Many people wish to help others in need, no matter what the situation, however they often find themselves in a position where they themselves are placed in harm’s way and don’t feel safe at work. This in turn brings fear to the worker’s family and friends every time they go in to work.

Unfortunately, the world has turned into a place where people hurt others. My hope is that those people like police officers, correctional facility personnel, doctors etc. can go on doing their good work to help others with less fear of being harmed while trying to help them.

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Requests by friends working in dangerous places, around dangerous people.


You have a job such as police officers, firefighters, prison workers or volunteers where you are potentially in harm’s way, even though you are there to help the people who might have hurt others.


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Composed: April, 2007

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